KUBUS 2025

In April 2016, Dr Lutz Trümper, mayor of Magdeburg, opened KUBUS 2025 as the official room for creative exchange and inspired discussion about the cultural capital proposal. Having a light-flooded, open design, the room provides ideal conditions for open hearts and good ideas.

KUBUS 2025 is a location where all people from Magdeburg and other interested persons can come to discuss their ideas. It is open on a regular basis. Additionally, the Bidding Agency 2025 hosts a number of workshops, culture talks, working seminars and lectures in the KUBUS 2025.

KUBUS 2025 is restricted to hosting events related to the cultural capital proposal, and will not be rented for other purposes.

Opening times: always Thursdays from 10am to c. 4pm

Address: KUBUS 2025
Fürstenwallstraße 11
Additional details: Hinter dem Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen
39104 Magdeburg